Our Team

Mr. Daleep Singh 
Coming from a family of Shikaris, Ex-NRI Daleep Singh, the owner of DeeZ Biryani Corner, pioneered the long forgotten Biryani as a speciality in the Delhi region. Culinary delicacies have been his passion and hobby. The Biryani at DeeZ-kitchen is honed to perfection under his guidance and the emphasis is on maintaining the quality of food and the ingredients thereof. Abdul Ali of Lucknow, a Royal Chef who was later Rajiv Gandhi's personal chef as well, was engaged for the authentic Awadhi cooking. 

Thakur Bhuvan Singh
After completing Bsc (Hons) in Hotel & Restaurant Management from IIMT Oxford Brooks University and a full year of work experience understanding the operations of various restaurants in a hotel, Thakur Bhuvan Singh (son of Mr. Daleep Singh) joined the family run restaurant business geared with the technical know-how required for the expansion of the restaurant chain.

Managers and Service Staff
Only trained qualified and experienced service staff members are hired ensuring the highest level of service standards at all times. 

All the chef's are trained in house on the inherited tradional recipes of various Biryanis and other Kebab and Gravy dishes thereby maintaining the authentic taste of all the dishes